me7-2014-darkA little about me; I started online in the late 90s. While working in both the hospitality and transportation service industry, I felt there was really something brewing with this internet thing and I wanted to figure out how to be able to make a living working online while truly helping people get what they needed and wanted. (Basic Online Marketing)

Not being someone to buy into the get rich quick mentality that was bubbling up everywhere online, I did my very best to avoid the call to make a quick buck and rather set my sights on a “real” career with potential for credibility and longevity.

I decided I wanted to go to work for a solid – reputable – full service digital marketing company. I really wanted to figure out exactly which discipline within the digital-ecosystem I was best suited to work in. I was on a quest to find my digital calling so to speak.

I applied for and landed a position as a customer service representative with an aggressive internet marketing start-up company that was offering full digital marketing solutions to car dealers. Their program was designed to get the entire dealership online with a website, inventory solution, customer relations management, email marketing and so much more.

This company consisted of some incredibly smart , forward thinking, internet savvy peeps who were blazing a trail in the Digital Marketing & Customer Relationship Management space.

I took an entry level customer service position because I wanted to be able to quickly learn “the industry” and I knew that customer service touched every aspect of the business. As a CS rep I would be able to see at a high level how every piece of the business worked and then I could decide what particular digital marketing skill I wanted to specialize in.

I was exposed to; web design, web development, email marketing, product implementation and more.

There was also a select group of folks that comprised the search engine marketing department; The SEM Team which consisted of:

Analytics: This was the behind the scenes reporting for websites; i.e. How many site visits and leads were coming in, and from where. How long were people staying and interacting on your site…as well as a whole list of other stats you could use to gauge the success or failure of your marketing efforts.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: The organic or natural side of search where you optimized a web site to show up in the search engines (Google, Bing-Yahoo) when specific keywords were searched for.

PPC – Pay Per Click: The paid side of search where you could set up ads pointing to your website to show up on the search engines. A website owner could bid a specific dollar amount for certain keywords and a web searcher could click on that ad to visit the advertiser’s website and the website owner would then pay for that click.
Basically, using paid advertisements to help people find and get what they wanted via the search engines….

This “triple threat”of a department had some pretty cool and really intelligent folks on the inside. I instantly gravitated to these guys and really liked listening to their conversations about spreadsheets, concatenating, serps, page position, click through rate, bounce rate, etc, etc.

There was one conversation I was casually a part of one particular day that sealed the deal and caused me to decide that I wanted to go all in and become  a (Pay Per Click) PPC Analyst;

I was getting coffee and hanging out listening to 2 of the PPC guys talking about their OWN clients… and how they were driving traffic to their client’s site using Google AdWords. I knew these guys provided PPC services for some of our car dealer who were clients of the agency but these guys were talking about their own clients, in OTHER industries outside of the agency. I really didn’t even think about providing that service outside of our company to OTHER businesses that would gladly pay to have someone send visitors to their website. I knew a few of the guys were freelancing in their off time and making good $$. When I asked where they thought the business was headed in the near future… One of the guys said without hesitation; ” Oh by far, the future and the big bucks are in PAID SEARCH”; helping businesses reach more customers online through paid advertising.

That was all I had to hear – that statement and everything else I learned up to this point, it made perfect sense — I was hooked.

This is when I started asking A LOT of questions (almost to the point of being a real pain in the butt). What really struck me was this: You could use PPC to send visitors to businesses websites AND you could get paid a percentage of each dollar you spent for them and in some instances a high as 50% (or half of the monthly contracted amount which to me seemed a little crazy).

This was my thought process:
Here were these guys and gals, a seemly elite, close knit group that provided paid traffic to our customers websites. They managed several campaigns with advertising budgets in the thousands for some clients. In the field of search engine marketing these guys were the marketers, copywriters, as well as the technical and analytical experts. They could also take this knowledge and use it outside of the job to manage search engine marketing and PPC for their own clients. This meant; a highly specialized skill in a very lucrative and fast growing field with the ability to create your own portfolio of clients if you wanted to.  Hold everything – I had found my calling!

Anyhow…though they probably didn’t think so, these Search Engine Marketing guys became my new best friends…

While still in customer service, I hounded them day in and day out, brought them to lunch, begged, pleaded and bulldozed my way into a spot on their team. Finally, after a lot of all-nighters studying for the Google AdWords, certification exam, I finally passed it, proving to everyone that I was serious about becoming a ppc professional. I ended up winning a paid apprenticeship on the Search Engine Marketing team… I started at the very bottom, doing keyword mining UG.. But I was determine to learn everything I could about PPC and Analytics as fast as I could and the rest is HISTORY.

That was close to 10 years ago and through the years that followed, I have been able to more than triple my salary from where I started out…. I went from keyword researching apprentice all the way up to managing a full size Search Engine Marketing Team  for a big digital marketing agency in Boston. we handled well over 300 PPC clients.

This was not by any means a meteoric flight to fortune and fame BUT, by constantly improving and expanding on my skill-set, I have been able to very steadily rise up the ranks and the pay grades to become a senior digital advertising specialist and consultant that can demand very nice compensation for my knowledge and my time.

It’s at this point in my career that I want to begin to give back to others by way of helping folks achieve their career goals if they have an interest in Pay Per Click and Digital Advertising in general.

I hope you find this site and the material here useful and very informative.

Please give me a shout if I can answer any questions for you or help you in any way in your quest for career direction and PPC/Digital Marketing Mastery.

Very Sincerely Yours,