• Do your campaigns make sense and on topic/theme, naming and setting.
  • Is there a need for branded and/or competitive campaign?
  • Networks separate – Search only – Display Only?
  • Are all your geo/location targets correct and exclusive to where you want to target?
  • Does your daily budget align with your goals for monthly spend and cost per lead?
  • Do you need to have an end date?
  • Are all the necessary ad extensions set up? Phone, Location, Site Links, Call Outs Etc.?
  • Ad rotation set indefinitely to test or for Google to show best performing?

Ad Groups

  • Ad group naming shares campaign idea, expanding in more detail on the overall theme?
  • Fair number of keywords highly focused on the theme and relevant to ad copy.
  • Negative Keywords in place?
  • Maximum CPC in place for default spend limits
  • Ad extensions if they will differ from those at the campaign level.


  • 2 ads per ad group testing one over another: always trying to improve CTRs and conversions.
  • No ads are disapproved or limited.
  • Spelling and grammar are tight and messaging makes sense
  • Ad copy is benefit driven and promotes strong call to action.
  • Messaging is relevant to the keywords and the landing page.
  • Destination URL is correct & working
  • Display URL is correct and you’re making the best use of all characters.


  • Using the right match types: always looking to add more precise terms.
  • Using the Keyword Details Report to develop more precise terms and negative terms
  • Pausing/deleting too “general” terms that get excessive impressions or unprofitable clicks.
  • Individual bids set correctly for desired page position.
  • determine if each keyword is providing the best ROI in regard to your objectives?
  • Reference quality score of each term for relevance, effectiveness and cost.

Landing Pages

  • Landing page is inline and relevant to the ad copy and the keyword(s)?
  • It’s attractive, uncluttered and has a clear path to the call to action?
  • Does it comply with best practices?
  • Are you A/B testing conversion elements?
  • How does the page render on: desktop, tablet and mobile devices?

Overall Metrics

  • Are you using Google Analytics?
  • Have a clear idea of your objectives: Goals, CPA, ROI
  • Watching trends over time comparing date ranges: (considering seasonality)
  • ROI, CPA, CPC, Page Position, Quality Score
  • Use data like: geography, weeks, days, time of day, devices etc. to optimize?