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You will learn how to become a Digital Marketing Professisonal using Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) as your entry level position.


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If your interested in changing your career direction to a profession where the sky is the limit, you may want to check out this free webinar I’m holding.
I want to show you how you can become a Digital Marketing Professional using Pay Per Click (Google AdWords)
as your entry level position.
My name is James Lynch and for the last 10 years I have been working as a digital marketing manager.
I’ve worked with major fortune 500 companies as well as the small mom and pop shops.
I have been a manager of a full size search engine marketing team in a corporate office and I have worked alone from the comfort of my own home.
So why am I telling you this…?

Because this is just a small example of the flexibility you can enjoy as a Digital Marketing Professional.
With some experience, not only can you work practically whereever and for whomever you want… but you can also make some really decent money doing it.

Some 10 years ago I was extremely fortunate to leave behind a customer service position to work on a search engine marketing team while studying to become a Pay Per Click professional. Since then, in addition to the positions I tspoke about above, I have added all kinds of Digital Marketing tools to my resume like:
3rd party platforms like Amazon
Search Engine Optimization
Content Managment
Email Marketing and so much more…

Recently I have helped a few folks get into the digital marketing world by using Pay Per Click — Starting with Google Adwords as an entry level skill.

I have developed a Digital Marketing Career Blueprint using everything I have learned to date bringing myself and others into the world of Digital Marketing, by learning Pay Per Click advertising, becoming a Google Certified Partner and obtaining an entry level position as a Pay per Click professional.

I hope you can make the upcoming webinar:
PPC Pro Career Accelerator

I will take you step by step through the process of becoming a Certified Pay Per Click Professional & show you how to launch your career.

This is the EXACT SAME BLUEPRINT used by me and several other folks that I have helped, break out of their current job and into an exciting career as a Digital Marketer using Pay Per Click as an entry level position.

This webinar is all full & actionable content absolutely

You’ will learn:
What does a PPC Pro in the day to day
How much do they make
Where you should start on your career upgrade journey
How to become a Certified Google Partner
How to effectively study for your Google Adwords Certification
How to successfully pass at least 2 of the Google AdWords Certification Exam
How to market yourself to land your first PPC Job or PPC client.
And Much Much More….

Click through the link below and pick a time to join the webinar…

PPC Career Blueprint Webinar

Plan to spend 90 mins with me at least!
This is your chance to take your life and career to the next level
See you there!

Paid Search Experts are in Demand!
Available PPC Positions – Duties – Compensation
What’s PPC All About and How Does it Work?

Chapter 2
Anatomy of a PPC Account
Ad Groups
Stats, Metrics and Terms You Should Know
Chapter 3
Putting it all together
Conversion & Cost Per Acquisition
What are you trying to accomplish with PPC?

Optimization Checklists

Quality Score

Google AdWords Certification Exams
Recommendations for the Best Exam Experience

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