“I’ve had the privilege of working with James over the past year and a half. During his time with our team he mentored and nurtured us with his expansive knowledge of Search Engine Marketing. His level of experience not only expanded our team’s Adwords expertise but also brought a wealth of knowledge to our agency as a whole. James is a veteran when it comes to PPC and he made it a priority to learn and hone in on new Adwords features.

During his time with us he also made it a point to share his knowledge outside of our team. He worked with our Client Services team members to broaden their digital marketing knowledge by teaching them search basics and strategy. With his teachings alone they were able to obtain and maintain their Adwords certification. James makes the extremely complicated “ins and and outs” of search easy to understand and implement. I consider James a mentor and I feel extremely lucky to have had the time to work and learn from him.”

During his time with our team he mentored and nurtured…

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