“I Highly Recommend James’ Class…”

john_reardonI just finished James Lynchs’ Pay Per Click Professionals Course.
I highly recommend James’s the class… It moved quickly, it was easy to understand.
I’m somebody that has never been affiliated with pay per click, so I went into the course wanting to extend my knowledge as well as get an idea of what pay per click marketing was.I ended up passing the AdWords Certification test with very little stress, I felt very prepared to take the test.

James made it really easy for us to understand and gave us a lot of confidence to go into that test. I now feel very confident to start me career in pay per click marketing. I think this would be great for somebody that’s in my position looking to start their career or somebody that’s in the position looking to further their knowledge and confidence in pay per click.

James obviously knows his stuff he’s done this for many years… it definitely shows when you’re around him, the way he talks, the information he has laid out. he’s a very easy person to understand and he really gets on ground level with people like us, either starting pay per click or somebody that’s a little more experienced. I highly recommend James’ class and I wish that anybody interested in pay per click would go through James….
John R – Boston MA

John R

I wanted to Thank James for his PPC Professionals Course

Mike Maguire

I wanted to thank James for is PPC Professionals Course.
He really did an amazing job. What I liked about it was that;
Although I had done some PPC reading and stuff on my own, when I started in his class, he really brought some real life examples and some personal tricks that he had learned over the years, that really really taught me a lot and really just took my knowledge of PPC to another level.

I’d recommend this course to anyone. When I took the test, I passed easily. He really made the whole process just very comprehensive, from front to back and I was really really impressed with everything he did and I would recommend this for anyone.

Michael M

During his time with our team he mentored and nurtured…


“I’ve had the privilege of working with James over the past year and a half. During his time with our team he mentored and nurtured us with his expansive knowledge of Search Engine Marketing. His level of experience not only expanded our team’s Adwords expertise but also brought a wealth of knowledge to our agency as a whole. James is a veteran when it comes to PPC and he made it a priority to learn and hone in on new Adwords features.

During his time with us he also made it a point to share his knowledge outside of our team. He worked with our Client Services team members to broaden their digital marketing knowledge by teaching them search basics and strategy. With his teachings alone they were able to obtain and maintain their Adwords certification. James makes the extremely complicated “ins and and outs” of search easy to understand and implement. I consider James a mentor and I feel extremely lucky to have had the time to work and learn from him.”

Shannon M

He always brought his Google Adwords & Analytic skills…


“James is among one of the best people I have worked with.
His creative thinking, expertise, and drive as an SEM Professional built him into being an excellent leader in the digital marketing industry. He always brought his Google Adwords and Analytic skills to the table and is an excellent mentor as well as leader. James loves to impart all the knowledge that he gains from his experience to others.

He is able to comprehensively deliver and convey complicated issues in a simple and easy way to understand. Working with James is a signature of success. I recommend him highly – he will not let you down!”

Sue D

He was a fantastic teacher…


James is easily the most important mentor of my entire career. Coming in to this agency I had very little knowledge on Adwords and other search engine marketing platforms. James took a lot of his work and personal time to teach me how to excel on a daily basis. He was a fantastic teacher, and more importantly a close friend. One of James’ best attributes is his loyalty. He will go to bat for you at all times and will always be there for assistance if you need him. I was lucky enough to grow at this agency and James played a monumental role in that. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Dan W

James brings very creative and inventive strategies to paid search with



James brings very creative and inventive strategies to paid search with his outside the box thinking.  Not only does he have a wealth of PPC expertise, he also has a wide array of knowledge in various areas outside of PPC which makes him so valuable.


While working with him, he created and incorporated multiple tools which helped PPC campaigns become more profitable which we otherwise would not have had. He also established a traffic estimator tool which not only gave our sales force on-demand estimations but simultaneously relieved analysts of doing these estimations manually. I’ve seen him make excellent tutorials for the sales team on how to use these tools. He is a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend.”

Patricia K