me280I want to THANK YOU for stopping by.
I sincerely hope to you will find at least one thing here that will in some way make Your Career and Your Life a little – A LOT BETTER.
Maybe you’ll learn a trick or pick up a tip that will help you save time, money, aggravation or, all three!
In the not so distant future, I plan to have some life altering, career changing content here for you.
This site is a work in progress and will constantly be in the process of being updated.
My goal with PPC equation is to add PPC or Pay Per Click and People and multiply the opportunities for all of those involved. That’s the equation part, adding and multiplying.
My plan is to teach anyone who wants to learn, how to become a PPC professional, running pay per click campaigns and getting paid. That includes Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and beyond.
I have met quite a few folks like; sales reps, customer service reps, designers, and more that have wanted to:
Increase their skills and value in the digital space by learning Google Adwords and the like.
So I am devoting most and eventually all of my time to teaching PPC in one form or another to those who want to learn.
Back a few years ago, some folks gave me a break and took me in and showed me the PPC ropes.
I have been fortunate enough to build a pretty good life for myself and my family. Now I want to return the favor and teach others how they can change their job and change their lives.
And YES I plan to get paid… If I am going to do this gig full-time,             I have to be able to support my family.
I hope if this is for you, you’ll stick around to learn and grow with us…
Drop me a note in the comments section below and give me your thoughts… If you want to keep your comment private just say so and I will not publish it…Promise.
Talk soon!